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Quarterly Activities for Grades K-2

  • The Primary goal is to help the students develop their basic movement skills, such as balance, agility and coordination.  We will do this while focusing on cooperative play, sportsmanship and having fun.

Quarterly Activities for Grades 3-4

  • will emphasize skills and team building.  Activities may include soccer, flag football, and some beach ball volleyball.  

Quarterly Activities for Grades 5-8 

  • will emphasize skills, cooperation, and sportsmanship.  Activities may include soccer, flag football, and volleyball.  Middle school will run/walk the mile for time when the weather is cooler (late September to mid-October).  Half-mile and three-quarter miles will be run as a precursor to running the mile.  This is a cross country mile rather than a mile run on a track.  

*All Physical Education classes can change at a moment's notice due to weather and unforeseen events taking place in the gym.  We may not be able to follow through with our original plans and sometimes have to change our activities at the last minute.

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